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Ch. 31:
Ch. 32:

Translations on my blog

Happy Late 2010 and Fun Updates Galore
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Well it's been a while since I last updated.

2009 ended with a fun family Christmas and such. Lots of good food and merriment. I still LOVE my DROID. I recommend anyone and everyone get an android based phone ASAP. They're just awesome and they have the benefit of not being Apple.

Final Fantasy XIII is fun as well. Definitely very linear and I have a few complaints about the battle system and such, but for the most part it has been enjoyable. Definitely a huge step up from XII. The story is quite nice and the graphics are gorgeous.

2010 started with a  pretty nice Bang! Started off with CES 2010. Awesome show, lots of fun. Amazing new things coming out this year. Two words: 3D TV. I was blown away in particular by Toshiba's Cell TV. Definitely keep an eye out for that thing, it looked absolutely amazing! Vegas was fun, I lost money, but well within my limits. Saw a burlesque show....I learned titties don't really excite me if I can't actually play with them.... We had a dinner over at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, craft steak, one night while there. Amazing food. Again, two words, monkey bread! Food was definitely a major plus there XD.

And now for my New Years Resolutions!

1) Get fit (again)
2) Eat more good food (somehow this contradicts 1)
3) Get made permanent at my job
4) Be Happy
5) Maybe confess to a certain girl that I love her....still iffy on this one....

Anyhow, till next time...oh and look a reasonable time between updates ^^;; now only if people actually read this thing lol (besides myself of course)

The DROID's Final Fantasy (XIII) and the Days Leading to Christmas
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Been a little bit since I last posted anything...been busy with work and such. especially with Christmas coming so soon.

I got my DROID finally XD. This is my first smart phone and I have to say that I'm sickened by how much I love it. This thing is absolutely amazing! The fact I can do online banking and play a Robo Tower Defense game, take videos/pictures AND make calls on one device makes my tiny (HUGE) head spin in circles. I can actually text now, not that I actually care to text that much. I have a limit of 250 a month so please limit how much you people text me...

I got my chubby little fingers on Final Fantasy XIII last night! It's AWESOME! Only played though about 2 hours worth since I'm still a working man and can't pull mid week all nighters.... The gameplay is a lot of fun and the story and graphics are amazing. I have a few complaints I would have to agree with, like the excessive cutscenes and such, but tis only a minor complaint for me since I love cutscenes.

Well Christmas is this week...have youa ll finished your shopping yet? Thank God I'm an early shopper XD I'm all done and hope that the people I bought gifts for enjoy them.

anyhow, at work, so I should get back to doing it ^^

Frog Princesses, DROIDs and Chocobos! Oh, and More Rain...
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It's raining again today...Odd to have rain more than one day in the same week in Southern CA. Surprisingly people drove better today.

More on the Frog Princesses, DROIDs and ChocobosCollapse )

Anyhow, my lunch break is close to ending and I have to finish eating. Till next time ^^

The Rain Makes People Crazy, California is Colder than Usual and Movie Preview
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Something about rainy days in Southern California makes people crazy...

For one, given that So. Californians are used to having summer on year round, most of them don't know how to drive in anything that isn't dry. You seem to get three types of people on the road during rainy days. People who freak out and drive at a snails pace (Most of the pop.), People who think nothing of it and keep driving as if it was dry (A lot of the pop. but not as many....these people cause all the accidents) and then the normal people who slow down some and are alert, but don't go to either extreme (The smallest number of the pop. and usually has out of towners who come from Rain heavy lands). I'd like to believe I fall in the normal category...then again I have no proof other than I have yet to get into an accident when in the rain...

Another thing is that work gets insane when it rains. I believe yesterday I took about 40 calls on my own and in total our department handled about 300+ calls (we usually only get like 100+). Good thing was that the day went by fast at least...bad thing was that all of a sudden I realized I had no energy left in my body at days end...

Oddly enough, going home last night was a cinch. No traffic at all. It was quite shocking...

On to today...

Today is freezing...well...freezing by SoCal standards. All you people in the North East and Midwest are probably laughing when I tell you that 40F is cold since you all deal with stuff below 0. Thank god for central heating in my building. as much as I have to admit to loving the cold, it dries me out...yes..I know...I'm a little girl. I hate being itchy and the cold make me itchy... Anyhow, enough bitching about the weather.

Tonight, I got into a preview screening of Disney's Princess and the Frog. I'm really looking forward to it. It's been getting rave reviews and looks to be pretty cool. The best part though is that it comes with a tour of Disney's studios in Burbank. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll let you all know what to expect.

In other non-reality news, I started translating Ultimo 11 last night, got about a 1/3 done before I decided I was tired and went to bed. Hope to get the rest done by tomorrow before I pass out.

Depending on what time I get home tonight, I may try to get Jitaku 3 and 4 translated in Pair Puri vol. 2.....I also need to finish doing sections from Vol. 1.....

If any scanlators or translators read this little blog of mine let me know if you may be interested in helping a few of us do Pair Puri.

Anyhow enough of this posting ^^ I need to get back to work (yes, I'm posting while at work...)

Reviving an Old Journal
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Well it has been a long time since I've used this's been a long time since I've used any journal at all.

Let's see now...some quick catch up since the last post.

1) I've graduated from college and hold a BA in Business Administration now
2) I became a moderator at Mangahelpers, but have since retired due to life and disagreements with the site's direction.
3) I have a real job! I'm currently a Help Desk Analyst for Prospect Mortgage.
4) I've started a separate blog just for translations over at You can see it at (yes, I'm shamelessly plugging my own site ^^....not that anyone reads this journal)
5)I joined a scanlation group as an official member. Groups name is JAC, here's there site: Give them a visit, they do a lot of great series
6) I haven't really changed much at all. If you knew me back during the last post, I'm the same person now as I was then.

Anyhow, now that most of the important bases are covered, I officially reopen this journal!

More real posts to come later ^^

The Life of a Shaman involves Much Studying
Well so much for trying to start writing a regular entry again....

Since my last post I have started back at school once again. So far my junior year has been busy...very very busy. For those who don't know my schedule, I am taking: World Religions, Marketing, QBA (Quantitative Business Analysis aka. Statistics), Organizational Behavior, and Advanced Web Design. Advanced Web Design is pretty much a cake walk for me. Marketing is fun, but can be hard at times. Organizational Behavior is a lot of psychology and common sense. World Relgions is fun, but annoying since I have to memorize a lot of names. QBA is math...and we all know how much I LOVE math (note the sarcasm...). So, yeah...I've been a busy person lately.

On a nicer note, I applied to a winter intersession study abroad trip to Tokyo, Japan. There is a good chance that I will be going to it, as we only need one more person's application for the program to get the okay and he plans on turning it in this Tuesday. So for 3+ weeks this winter I will be in Tokyo. I suggest you all start saving your money and getting me your shopping lists....

As for my non-existent personal life, not that much has happened since my last entry. Though, those of you who I don't talk to regularly should be shocked to know that I actually asked a girl out...and in the Shamanic tradition, failed. No hard feeling though. We're still friends. My mother got a new dog as well. He's a half chihuahua half miniature greyhound mix. She named him RIF (an inside joke). He's cute and likes to follow me around...a lot. He doesn't like to be alone and whines if he is. Not much else has been going on really...maybe the new season of Heroes (which I watch religiously) and the new Avatar: The Last Airbender season (which I also watch religiously and even have downloaded future episodes since the UK got them first for some reason.....)Other than all that, my life is the same as usual. Basically in a nut shell, Alex is Alex.

I don't know when I'll write my next entry. Maybe it'll be soon, maybe not. We shall see.

Mindless Babble of an Old Shaman ::Restart::
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Well it has been about 3 months or so since my last post. Since then not much has happened, but let us remember them anyhow.

For one, my first year at USD ended....though not on the best note. I ended up "failing" (which means a D) two of my classes and need to retake them in the Spring of this coming year.

To make up for that, I decided that enrolling in Summer School would be the smartest choice. I took History of Western Art and Philosophy. I got a B in Art and an A in Philosophy. Neither grade surprised me as I am already fairly knowledgeable in philosophy and have some knowledge of art.

Furthermore, I spent a lot of my summer writing various scholarship essays. If anything, I kept my essay writing skills up during the summer. However, it would be nice if I actually won some free money. After all, my school costs a shitload of money and my parents are too rich for me to actually get any sort of government aid.

That sums up a lot of what I did this summer...sounds pretty boring, huh?

I do, however, look forward to going back to school and doing well this year. I really plan to work my ass off. I need to work my ass off. I'm looking forward to a fresh new year.

In other news, I think this somewhat secluded summer of mine has made me start to lose touch with society even more. I actually think I'm starting to go crazy being by myself all the time. When all I have are my own thoughts with no other real human interaction about 80% of them time, I start the think weird thoughts. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm actually beginning to feel lonely and might actually NEED other people to help keep my own sanity.

Anyhow, I think this is a long enough "restart" post. I hope you all (all two of you that is) keep on reading if you want to. I hope to start posting more regularly again

Mindless Babble of a Deluded Person
There are only 2 more weeks of school....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!? It feel like an hour ago I was just starting high school and now I'm already ending my second year in college.

I think that as I have gotten older, time has started feeling faster. The years feel like they are slipping by faster and faster as I just keep getting older and older. Before you know it, I'll be an old man on my death bed preparing for the next life ahead of me.

I feel like I haven't changed very much since High School. About 2 years have passed since ending High School and from my own perspective, I haven't changed all that much in those 2 years. I don't see any noticible difference from how I thought then and from how I think now. I actually don't even see much noticible difference from how I was in Middle School to how I am now. Everyone else around me, however, have been changing a lot. Many friends have come and gone since then. Furthermore, most of those friends have changed in more ways than I can count. Of those people that I have known me, I wonder how many of them remember who I am. I really just want to know how long the memory of Alexander Ma will last after I die. It would be interesting if in my next life, I was famous enough in this life that I will know about myself in that life.

Continuing on from my last post about my own "paradise", I have been thinking more on the dark side of what I would have to have in that world. In terms of "Crime Management", Every "country" will have their own policing force that will all follow the global laws. There will be, of course, a Global Police as well. The "local" police will work under the "global" police.

Criminals will all have fair trials and be tried by their peers liek here in the US. However, there will be no more "Life-Time" prison sentences for criminals convicted of murder. Instead, their punishment will be to die in the same manner in which they killed their victim. Those convicted of rape will get the ultimate penalty. They will be tortured for 20 days straight by robotic machines (because most humans cant stand toturing other humans) and then kill by having a diamond pike rammed through their asses all the way up till it comes out of their mouths. White Collar criminals will no longer be sentenced to minimum security prison and will instead be forced to spend their sentences in maximum security prisons. Each White Collar criminal will have a mandatory cell mate of the African American race, with a penis size of at least 10 inches and the cell mates name will have to be Buhba. All other crimes will have similar punishments to what they are in current society.

That's all I have to say about my "paradise" for now, more to come eventually.

This has been a much longer post than I originally planned to write. I should probably get back to working now. I will post again eventually. Till then.

Delirious Thoughts about Ruling the World
Anyone who knows me, knows that I always rant about how one of these days I will become "Supreme Ultimate Dictator of the World" and make the world into some sort of paradise that I have had in my head for quite some time.

For those who don't know about my hair-brained idea of a perfect world, let me give you a brief description. I don't really know how I will take over the world jsut yet, but it will have something to do with manipulating fangirls of multiple fandoms into rebelling against the various governments of the world. Afterall, fangirls, being the scariest form humans can take, would definitely scare the world's armies shitless. After taking over the world, I shall then allow all countries of the world to retain some illusion of autonomy. I want countries to keep believing they are free and still have their own culture because that would limit the number or riots in my empire. Also, I shall replace wars with cooking competitions. The cooking competitions are an integral part.

I want my so-called "countries" to settle their many differences through a battle in the kitchen. It will very much be an "Iron Chef" style competition. I, being the emperor, will always have a vote on the judging panel and will always partake in the food. The rest of the judging will consist of rotating panel of 20 individuals specially appointed by me. Each individual will be from a different country. 5 of them will always be from the USA, China, France, Italy and Japan. The battles all together will take place over the span of 2 months in a round-robin style tournament. Every round will have a different main ingredient. However, all battles in the same round will have the same ingredient. In the end, the countries will be ranked and that will determine the countries ranking in the world....I apoligize in advance the the UK, as they will always be in the last 10.

The ranking of each country will determine how much central funding they recieve for that year. All other funding for each country will have to be earned the same way it is earned now; in trade and businesses.

Countries will no longer have there own Research and Development divisions. all R+D will be done in the central govenrment by a team of the worlds greatest minds. Most R+D will be involved in advancing technology for the common good, inventing new ways of cooking food, and development of more consumer goods. Furthermore, all techologies shall be distribted to all countries, so that now single country will have any technological advantage over the other. I forgot to mention that R+D for consumer good can still be done individually by countires as long as they release their findings to the rest of the world

Thats all I have so far for what my paradise world would be. Kind of weird, huh? Please feel welcomed to make fun of my vision of the world all you want, even I think it's a little funny lol. Anyhow, tis late right now. Maybe, I'll write a more meaningful update next time.


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